Years ago, there was the, movie and the music industry, no such thing as the fashion industry.

Recently, the entertainment industry in Cameroon has evolved in a massive way. Without anyone knowing, the fashion industry is now real business and apparently it will evolve more are the years go by.

Gone are the days when actors, entertainers wore just anything, any combination they bought from the market, now they have make sure a designer dress them to any occasion or event. In fact, it’s becoming a taboo to step out on the red carpet without a designer’s wear.

However, the tailors have also stepped up their game. It’s a win-win situation. Now we get to enjoy our red carpets moments, with the help of fashion designers who bring out the glitz, glamour and the ish of every event with their creative designs. If your doubting this improvement, check out photos below of entertainers who lit the Cameroon fashion awards recently held in Douala on the 10th of February.

They all looked dashing and magnificent. To say they glittered, it’s an understatement. the event showed that, the fashion industry is going higher and will top in the years to come beyond expectations. Shout out to all the fashion designers, award winners or not, you all are doing a great job. The sky is your starting point


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