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Dr.Nkeng Stephens

It is amazing to see someone with an outstanding talent. But when you find out, that same person has a whole bunch of different talents imbedded in them, now that’s a different ball game. Literally how can one human being be that talented?

We all know Dr Nkeng Stephens as a Video Director in Cameroon, as in he is popularly known for his prowess in the music industry. However, He just recently displayed at the ArtCity Short film festival that he is more than that, he is the real MVP.

In that light, his movie titled “Caeser” is a presentation of what goes down in the ghetto. The movie has as slogan “Give to Caesar what belongs to caesar”.


Filled with indigenous language (Pidgin), the scenery and plotting is outstanding. The action movie starred actor Duala Duala and actress Eweli Helen, in a fine cast. Its fight choreographing was out of this planet; so spectacular.

All in all, in the Category of Best Cameroon short film

The Category of Best Cameroon short film at the ArtCity Short Film festival

According to the juries, this movie won the award due to its authenticity and realness.


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